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ABC Path Help

Rules / Objectives Summary

  • Enter every letter from A to Y into the grid.
  • Each letter is next to the previous letter either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • The clues around the edge tell you which row, column or diagonal each letter is in.
  • BrainBashers ABC Path have been kindly generated by Otto Janko who runs www.janko.at

See the Walkthrough below for extra tips and tricks.

ABC Path Puzzle

What are the letters around the edge for?
These tell you which letters are in those rows, columns and diagonals.

Move your mouse over the puzzle to see the answer.


Help 1

Step 1
This is the start of the puzzle.

Solve this puzzle for yourself at the same time.

Help 2

Step 2
These are the 2 possible squares for the B, as it must be in the 5th column.

Help 3

Step 3
Wherever the B is, this is the only square the C can go.

Help 4

Step 4
The D must now be in one of these two squares.

Help 5

Step 5
And now the fun starts! The E can be in any of these squares depending on which D is correct, but at the moment we don't yet know.

Help 6

Step 6
The F can now be in any one of these squares.

Help 7

Step 7
The G must be on the bottom row.

Help 8

Step 8
Now we know that the G is on the bottom row, we can't have the F up here, so we can actually trace this back to the B in Step 2 - which allows us to remove everything but the B (as we're not yet sure which route ABC takes).

Help 9

Step 9
There is only one valid path through these squares, and this completes the bottom corner.

Trying to use the B in the top section would leave a gap in the bottom section that could never be reached by another letter.

Help 10

Step 10
The completed corner.

This technique can be continued around the rest of the grid.

There are lots of simplifications that can be made as the puzzle develops. For example on Step 6 the E couldn't be directly above the A as this is where the B would have to be.



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