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Common Answers

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Daily Puzzle Help

The BrainBashers Daily Puzzle Email is basically a free daily puzzle, that also has a Sudoku and a game link for that day.

No Daily Email

First make sure that you are subscribed to the Daily Puzzle Email. Then check your spam/junk folders in case they are in there. You can send a test email to yourself by logging in and then using the 'Check Email' option, the system then checks your settings and sends you a test email for you to search your emails for.


Simply log in and then click the 'Unregister' option. Please do not email us to ask us to do this for you, as we will simply refer you to this help page.

Unable To Log in

Either your ID or your password is incorrect, click here to have your details sent to you. Alternatively, your account is currently unconfirmed - at the start of the registration process and every few months you are sent an email asking you to confirm that your email address is valid. If you've not received this email, or not clicked the link, the email can re-sent here.

Multiple Copies

If you receive more than one daily email, then you're registered more than once, simply log in using one of your IDs and unregister it. There is a link at the bottom of the daily email.

Change Settings

Simply log in and edit your details.

Change Email Address

Simply log in and change your email address.


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