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Free Newsletter Usage

If you have a non-commercial publication, then a maximum of 3 puzzles per month may be used (i.e. no given print run may use more than three BrainBashers puzzles).

Only puzzles that can be found in our puzzles section can be used.

Be careful to only choose puzzles that are attributed as ours, with © Kevin Stone, as we do not necessarily own the rights to the other puzzles and cannot give permission for their usage.

The Sudoku may also be used, more details can be found here.

We require recognition of copyright and the following MUST appear on each and every page that features a puzzle:
    [DO NOT mention the puzzle's Z### reference]

Puzzles devised by © Kevin Stone [www.brainbashers.com]

Once the puzzles are printed, we ask that a copy of the first newsletter that features BrainBashers puzzles be sent to:

c/o 57 Albert Street

No rights are transferred as a result of this agreement. All rights reserved. The puzzles MUST NOT be reproduced for financial gain and use of BrainBashers puzzles is subject to the site's terms and conditions, noting particularly your requirement to check the answers for yourself.



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