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BrainBashers Daily Kakuro

Solve a random Easy, Medium, Hard Japanese-type logic puzzle chosen from today's collection.
Note: If the puzzle doesn't look as it should try using 'Compatibility Mode'.

BrainBashers Daily Kakuro puzzles have been kindly generated by www.kakuroconquest.com and are included on BrainBashers with their full knowledge and permission.


  • Objective / Rules
    - You have a collection of across and down clues that tell you what the answers to each clue add up to.
    - You can only use the numbers 1 to 9.
    - For example, a clue of 11 for two squares could be 2 + 9, 3 + 8, 4 + 7 or 5 + 6.

  • Help
    Read the help/walkthrough page on Kakuro for a more detailed explanation and a walkthrough.

  • Mouse Usage
    Hover over a clue to see possible combinations.

  • Keyboard Usage [only when your cursor is in the grid]
    Enter a single number as an answer. Enter multiple numbers as pencil marks.

  • Checking
    If you click 'Check' the system will perform a basic check.

  • Uniqueness
    Each puzzle has exactly one solution, which can be found using logic alone and no guesses are ever required. If you think you've found another solution, then please double check the rules. If you still think you've found another solution, then please email us and we'll try to help.

  • JavaScript
    This game requires JavaScript to be enabled.


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