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Puzzle - Hint

After the recent BrainBashers annual marathon, the judges were comparing notes to determine who finished where. From their notes, can you help them to reconstruct the final result?

Matthew Merryman beat Tom Trent and Jimmy James. Peter Piper beat Jimmy James, Tom Trent and Alan Ardman. Zach Zebra lost to Peter Piper. Graham Goodfellow beat Tom Trent. Zach Zebra beat Frank Flintbone. Graham Goodfellow lost to Frank Flintbone and Peter Piper. Tom Trent beat Brian Brick. Alan Ardman beat Zach Zebra, Kevin Kingfisher and Graham Goodfellow. Kevin Kingfisher lost to Graham Goodfellow and Matthew Merryman. Brian Brick beat Kevin Kingfisher. Matthew Merryman lost to Alan Ardman and Zach Zebra. Frank Flintbone beat Tom Trent, Matthew Merryman and Brian Brick. Tom Trent lost to Jimmy James and Alan Ardman. Jimmy James beat Graham Goodfellow and Brian Brick.

 [Ref: ZSXK] © Kevin Stone

Hint: Peter Piper came first.

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