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Puzzle - Hint

The beginning of a well known book has been encrypted below. Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by another using a simple substitution technique. For example, A may always be represented by G, etc. Can you name the book?

Qcykle vcd olco: wm algip viwb. Wblyl id pm omjaw vbcwltly camjw wbcw. Wbl ylgidwly mh bid ajyick vcd digplo ae wbl rklygeqcp, wbl rklyn, wbl jpolywcnly, cpo wbl rbilh qmjyply. Drymmgl digplo iw. Cpo Drymmgl'd pcql vcd gmmo jsmp 'Rbcpgl, hmy cpewbipg bl rbmdl wm sjw bid bcpo wm.

 [Ref: ZPTI] © Kevin Stone

Hint: E has been represented by L.

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