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Puzzle - Answer

Four friends were competing in the internationally renowned BrainBashers Bog Snorkelling competition. As usual, the judges were a little careless and once again, they managed to lose the results. Luckily, a number of spectators were able to remember the following snippets of information:

Only one person wore the same number as the position they finished. Gary, who didn't wear green, beat Barry. Larry beat the person who wore yellow. The person who wore number 3, wore green. The person who wore number 2 finished first whereas Harry came last. The person who finished second wore green, Barry wore yellow and the person wearing red beat the person wearing blue.

Can you work out who finished where, the number and colour they wore?

 [Ref: ZRZH] © Kevin Stone


# Name   Wore  Colour
1 Gary   2     red
2 Larry  3     green
3 Barry  1     yellow
4 Harry  4     blue

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