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Puzzle - Answer

At dawn on Monday a snail fell into a bucket that was 12 inches deep.

During the day it climbed up 3 inches, however, during the night it fell back 2 inches.

On what day did the snail finally manage to climb out of the bucket?

 [Ref: ZQGM]

Answer: The following Wednesday, nine days later.

At dawn on Monday the snail was at the bottom. Each day it climbed 3 inches, and dropped 2 inches over night, so at the start of the next day it was 1 inch higher, so:

Monday morning    - 0 inches.
Tuesday morning   - 1 inch.
Wednesday morning - 2 inches.
Thursday morning  - 3 inches.
Friday morning    - 4 inches.
Saturday morning  - 5 inches.
Sunday morning    - 6 inches.
Monday morning    - 7 inches.
Tuesday morning   - 8 inches.
Wednesday morning - 9 inches.

The snail then climbed the remaining 3 inches during Wednesday, and escaped.

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