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Puzzle - Answer

The local library decided to hand out some of its old books to its 1400 borrowers.

To each of the female borrowers they gave 6 books and to each male borrower they gave 4 books.

If only half of the females in town and three quarters of the males in town accepted the books, how many books were given away?

 [Ref: ZNXG] © Kevin Stone

Answer: 4200 books.

It doesn't matter how many female borrowers there were as 1/2 of the females accepted the books, and those that did accepted 6 books, which is 3 books per female on average.

Similarly it doesn't matter how many male borrowers there were as 3/4 of the males accepted 4 books each, which is again 3 books each.

So both the males and females accepted, on average, 3 books each. And 1400 * 3 = 4200. QED.

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