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Puzzle - Answer

?Five People were all taking a vacation in Shriekville, unfortunately all their vacations were cut short by a terrifying encounter with a resident ghost.

Can you determine the type of accommodation, its name and the name of the resident ghost?

Archibald stayed at St George's, he was not frightened off by Macabre Malcolm.

The pub was the home of Chilling Charlie, who frequently turned down the thermostat and then let out gruesome shrieks, chilling everyone to the bone.

Lucas or Archibald's vacation was at the castle - was Terrifying Tony the resident ghost there?

Charlie went to stay with friends, this was in a bungalow, but it did not have the name Briar Hill. He was not terrified by Bloodcurdling Brian, the ghost that left bloodstained footprints behind.

Billy vacationed at a place named Rosedale, which was not a hotel.

Creepy Craig really did scare Gary, as he was settling down to sleep, by scraping his fingernails on the bedroom window, this was not at a hotel and it wasn't a place named Avalon.

The bed and breakfast accommodation was not High Lodge, which was also not the castle where Macabre Malcolm was resident.

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Name       Ghost's Name         Place Name   Type of Dwelling
Archibald  Bloodcurdling Brian  St George's  Hotel
Billy      Chilling Charlie     Rosedale     Pub
Charlie    Terrifying Tony      High Lodge   Bungalow
Gary       Creepy Craig         Briar Hill   Bed and Breakfast
Lucas      Macabre Malcolm      Avalon       Castle

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