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Puzzle - Answer

BrainAt the recent BrainBashers downhill mountain bike race, four entrants entered the challenging slalom event.

  • Alan came first.
  • The entrant wearing number 2 wore red, whereas John didn't wear yellow.
  • The loser wore blue and Steve wore number 1.
  • Kev beat Steve and the person who came second wore number 3.
  • The entrant in yellow beat the entrant in green.
  • Only one of the entrants wore the same number as their final position.

Can you determine who finished where, the number and colour they wore?

 [Ref: ZNLA] © Kevin Stone


# Name   Wore  Colour
1 Alan   2     red
2 Kev    3     yellow
3 Steve  1     green
4 John   4     blue

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