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Puzzle - Answer

Old CarA car travels at a speed of 64mph and its fuel consumption is 28 mpg.

It has a 11 gallon tank which was full when it started but at that very moment began to leak fuel.

After 112 miles the car stops with a completely empty tank.

How many gallons per hour was it losing?

 [Ref: ZJAI] © Kevin Stone

Answer: 4 gallons per hour.

Remember that Time = Distance ÷ Speed.

The car travels 112 miles, which uses 112 miles ÷ 28 mpg = 4 gallons of fuel. This leaves 7 gallons.

The car took 112 miles ÷ 64 mph = 1.75 hours (1 hour 45 mins) to travel the 112 miles, which means the 7 gallons were lost in 1 hour 45 mins.

Therefore the car was losing the fuel at a rate of 7 gallons ÷ 1.75 hours = 4 gallons per hour. QED.

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