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Puzzle - Answer

ClockI recently gave a new carriage clock to my friend for their birthday.

However, as usual with my presents, it was quite useless as it loses 6 minutes every hour.

I set it using my own accurate clock at midnight and the clock now shows 10.12am.

I know that it stopped 2 hours ago, so what is the correct time now?

 [Ref: ZHBL] © Kevin Stone

Answer: 1.20pm.

Since the clock is losing 6 minutes every hour, for every real hour that has passed, the clock will only show 54 minutes.

Since the clock shows 10.12am, we know that 612 clock minutes have passed.

This therefore equals 680 real minutes and hence 11 hours and 20 minutes.

The clock stopped 120 minutes ago, therefore the time must now be 1.20pm. QED.

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