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Puzzle - Answer

I can read people's minds, I have made a prediction and I want you to follow the steps below to see if I have successfully read your mind.

1. Think of a number
2. Now double it
3. Add 8
4. Divide by 2
5. Subtract your original number
6. Determine which letter of the alphabet your number relates to, A=1, B=2, etc

Now you have a letter.

7. Think of a country, not a city or state, which begins with your letter
8. Think of an animal which begins with the last letter of your country
9. Think of a colour which begins with the last letter of your animal

Click 'View Answer' and I will prove that I can read your mind!

 [Ref: ZGLV]

Answer: I predict that you have chosen Orange! If you haven't, then my mind reading failed due to a psychic blip.

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