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Puzzle - Answer

Last weekend I travelled to my sister's house in Glasgow, around 250 miles away. I started on Saturday morning at 7am, traffic was heavy in places, and at times I was stationary. I arrived sometime after lunch.

On Sunday, it was time to make my way home, over exactly the same route. I left my sister's at exactly the same time, 7am, however, this time I came straight home without any travel delays, arriving home just before lunch.

How likely is it that I was at exactly the same point at exactly the same time on both days?

 [Ref: ZGAI] Copyrighted.

It's certain that I was in exactly the same place at exactly the same time on both trips.

This is perhaps easiest to see by asking my twin brother to make the return journey from Glasgow at the same time as I leave home on my way to Glasgow, on Saturday at 7am.

At some point during Saturday we will meet, and therefore be at the same place at the same time. The fact I did the return journey the following day does not change this.

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