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Puzzle - Answer

I've been quite poorly lately and the doctor has prescribed me a two courses of tablets (Anvilite and Bigoxy) to solve my problem and I must take one of each at the same time, once every day.

These tablets are rather expensive so I've been very careful with them.

Last night I'd just got my Anvilite tablet. I was about to get my Bigoxy tablet when two tablets fell out of the bottle into my hand and joined the Anvilite tablet. This was a major problem for me as all three tablets were identical, the same size, the same weight, and neither had any markings on it. I had to take one of each but I couldn't tell them apart, and they were far too expensive to throw these three tablets away and start again.

What did I do?

 [Ref: ZFSG]

I cut each of the three tablets in half, and created two piles (i.e. as I broke each tablet, I placed one half in the left pile and the other half in the right pile).

Each pile now had one half of Anvilite, and two halves of Bigoxy.

All I had to do was to split another Anvilite tablet, and place half in each pile, so each pile then had two halves of each tablet (i.e. a whole tablet), which is exactly how many I had to take.

I had one pile last night, and the other pile is for tonight.

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