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Puzzle - Answer

Four friends were discussing their prize winning carp. There were four different colours: red, green, blue and yellow.

No lady has had the same colour fish twice. The lady who currently has the green carp used to have a yellow one. Betty, who is not Mrs Longheart currently has the blue fish. Mrs Kipper who now has a yellow one, used to have a blue one. Neither Mrs Ada Fishtail nor Mrs Jester, have ever owned a yellow fish. Cybil is not Mrs Kipper. Diane and Ada have never shared the same colour fish.

Can you determine their full names and colours of the fish the ladies have previously had and currently have?

 [Ref: ZEGX] © Kevin Stone


                  Now     Previously
Ada Fishtail      Red     Green
Betty Jester      Blue    Red
Cybil Longheart   Green   Yellow
Diane Kipper      Yellow  Blue

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