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Common Answers

Have you entered September's Common Answers?

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Puzzle - Answer

Can you complete the following language equations? For example 24 H in a D is 24 Hours in a Day.

366 D in a L Y
50 U S
8 S on an O
52 C in a F D
90 D in a R A
7 W of the A W
12 S of the Z
18 H on a G C

 [Ref: ZEFI]


366 D in a L Y = 366 days in a leap year.
50 U S         = 50 United States.
8 S on an O    = 8 sides on an octagon.
52 C in a F D  = 52 cards in a full deck.
90 D in a R A  = 90 degrees in a right angle.
7 W of the A W = 7 wonders of the ancient world.
12 S of the Z  = 12 signs of the zodiac.
18 H on a G C  = 18 holes on a golf course.

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