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Puzzle - Answer

At last BrainBashers horse derby, 10 fine horses completed the gruelling 3 mile course. Predictably, as per every year, the results mysteriously went missing. However, various marshals remembered the following snippets of information:

Simple Simon lost to Zebra Wings.

Zebra Wings beat Simple Simon, Frogman's Flippers and Apple Pie.

Fizzy Pop lost to Minty Mouth, Simple Simon and CD Player.

Frogman's Flippers beat Windy Hill, CD Player and Simple Simon.

Top Hat lost to CD Player, Kippers and Apple Pie.

CD Player beat Top Hat and Fizzy Pop.

Apple Pie lost to Zebra Wings and Simple Simon.

Kippers lost to Apple Pie and Frogman's Flippers.

Frogman's Flippers beat Fizzy Pop, Minty Mouth and CD Player.

CD Player lost to Frogman's Flippers, Kippers and Apple Pie.

Top Hat beat Fizzy Pop and Windy Hill.

Minty Mouth lost to Windy Hill and Simple Simon.

Windy Hill lost to Apple Pie and CD Player.

Can you work out who finished where?

 [Ref: ZEEF] © Kevin Stone


Zebra Wings
 Frogman's Flippers
  Simple Simon
   Apple Pie
     CD Player
      Top Hat
       Windy Hill
        Minty Mouth
         Fizzy Pop

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