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Difficulty: Medium

The beginning of a well known book has been encrypted below. Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by another using a simple substitution technique. For example, A may always be represented by G, etc. Can you name the book?

Ogug nm Grpbur Egbu, ashntx rsptmkbnum tsp, eyhw, eyhw, eyhw, st kog ebaj sz onm ogbr, egontr Aounmkswogu Usent. Nk nm, bm zbu bm og jtspm, kog stid pbd sz ashntx rsptmkbnum, eyk mshgknhgm og zggim kobk kogug ugbiid nm btskogu pbd, nz stid og asyir mksw eyhwntx zsu b hshgtk btr kontj sz nk. Btr kogt og zggim kobk wguobwm kogug nmt'k. Btdosp, ogug og nm bk kog eskksh, btr ugbrd ks eg ntkusryagr ks dsy.

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 [Ref: ZDDX] © Mr Stone


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