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RSS - Unsubscribe

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format for distributing and gathering web content, such as news headlines and other information that changes regularly. Using RSS, web providers can easily create and distribute feeds of data that include, news links, headlines, summaries, etc. BrainBashers uses this to give you another way to access the Daily Puzzle.

The RSS feed simply exists and computers / news readers / phones / browsers are used to 'subscribe' to the news feed.

Please do not email us asking us to 'Stop', as we're not actually sending you anything, and there is nothing we can do.

The only way to unsubscribe is for you to reverse the process you used to subscribe to the RSS feed in the first place using your computer / news reader / phone / browser.

  • Firefox 9
    RSS feeds are added as normal bookmarks. Use the menu option Bookmarks >> Show All Bookmarks, locate the BrainBashers RSS bookmark, right click it and click Delete.

  • Internet Explorer 8
    Make sure the Favorites tool bar is visible (using View >> Toolbars >> Favorites Bar). Click the Favorites link, within which is a tab for Feeds. Locate the BrainBashers RSS feed, right click it and click Delete.

We'd be grateful for any information for removing the feeds from elsewhere.


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