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Common Answers

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

This item requires a version of Java - if you are having any problems, then please view our Java information page.

  • Many thanks to Carl Ginnow at Microprizes for this puzzle.

  • This puzzle is based on the well-known game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors". However, the object of this puzzle is to empty the grid of all objects except for one.

  • Rock smashes Scissors. Scissors cuts Paper. Paper covers Rock.

  • To create a random puzzle, pick a grid size by selecting either 3 by 3, 4 by 4, or 5 by 5. Then, click on the New Puzzle button. A grid will appear, filled with pictures of rocks, paper, and scissors. Every puzzle created using the New Puzzle button can be solved.

  • Objects are removed by selecting a first object in one cell, and then selecting a second object in an adjacent cell (a grid cell that is above, below, left, or right, of the first cell). The first object must be one defeats the second object.

  • If you move the mouse over each cell, the puzzle will show you which cells have possible moves. If there is one or more possible moves, the cell beneath the mouse cursor will turn yellow, and the possible destination cells will turn red-orange.

  • To make a move, click on the first object, and it will become highlighted. Then, click on the second object. The first object will replace the object in the second cell, leaving the first cell empty. If you change your mind after selecting the first object, click on it again to remove the highlight.

  • Each move is recorded in the Moves box. The rows are given by a letter from A to E, and the columns by a number from 1 to 5. A move recorded as A1-B1, means that the object in the cell in row A, column 1, replaced the object in row B column 1. You can record your solutions by using copy and paste to move the text in the Move box into a text file.

  • If you get stuck, or if you want to undo some of your moves, use the Backup button. Each time the Backup button is clicked, one move is undone. If you wish to start over at the beginning, click on the Reset Puzzle button.

  • If you wish to create a particular grid pattern, pick the desired size, and then check the Edit box. Checking the Edit box puts you in edit mode. Pick the object you wish to insert into a cell by selecting the appropriate radio button (Rock, Paper, Scissors, or Empty). Place the object in a cell by clicking on the cell. To fill all the cells with the same object, click on the Fill button (this gives you a quick way to clear the grid). To exit edit mode, un-check the Edit box. Unlike using the New Puzzle button, not all patterns created in edit mode can be solved.



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