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Puzzle - Rate

HorseAfter the local BrainBashers Derby, some friends were telling everyone who had won. Unfortunately, the friends were having problems with their memories and in the course of the evening they changed their minds a number of times. In summary they made the following statements:

Alan said:
   Steve Short won on Quick Cloud.
   Tim Tiny won on Morning Sunset.
   Dave Diddy won on Quick Cloud.

Brian said:
   Simon Small won on Blue Paws.
   Dave Diddy won on Quick Cloud.
   Steve Short won on Morning Sunset.

Charles said:
   Tim Tiny won on Blue Paws.
   Simon Small won on Blue Paws.
   Simon Small won on Morning Sunset.

Derek said:
   Tim Tiny won on Quick Cloud.
   Dave Diddy won on Morning Sunset.
   Simon Small won on Blue Paws.

However, none of the statements were fully true. In fact, only six of the statements were exactly half true (i.e. either the person won, or the horse did), the rest were false. Can you determine who won and which horse they were riding?

[Ref: ZXSC] © Kevin Stone

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