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Puzzle - Rate

RunningAfter the recent BrainBashers annual marathon, the judges were comparing notes to determine who finished where. From their notes, can you help them to reconstruct the final result?

  • Matthew Merryman beat Tom Trent and Jimmy James.
  • Peter Piper beat Jimmy James, Tom Trent and Alan Ardman.
  • Zach Zebra lost to Peter Piper.
  • Graham Goodfellow beat Tom Trent
  • Zach Zebra beat Frank Flintbone.
  • Graham Goodfellow lost to Frank Flintbone and Peter Piper.
  • Tom Trent beat Brian Brick.
  • Alan Ardman beat Zach Zebra, Kevin Kingfisher and Graham Goodfellow.
  • Kevin Kingfisher lost to Graham Goodfellow and Matthew Merryman.
  • Brian Brick beat Kevin Kingfisher.
  • Matthew Merryman lost to Alan Ardman and Zach Zebra.
  • Frank Flintbone beat Tom Trent, Matthew Merryman and Brian Brick.
  • Tom Trent lost to Jimmy James and Alan Ardman.
  • Jimmy James beat Graham Goodfellow and Brian Brick.

[Ref: ZSXK] © Kevin Stone

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