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The beginning of a well known book has been encrypted below. Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by another using a simple substitution technique. For example, A may always be represented by G, etc. Can you name the book?

Rqd Jmrr hxe Uwhe ojwrzi xqse hxe rwzxh
Hxmh Smrz hxe Omh iehi yjee -
Hxe xejki mje ixgh wr obje mrk xgh
Yqj tqqiek hwtt kmdr mje de.
Hxwi wi hxe xqgj qy pjwke mrk pqdej,
Hmtqr mrk hgix mrk ntmd.
Qx, xemj hxe nmtt! - Zqqk xgrhwrz mtt
Hxmh ueep hxe Vgrzte Tmd!
Rwzxh-Iqrz wr hxe Vgrzte

[Ref: ZBQP] © Kevin Stone

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