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Puzzle IconThe recent BrainBashers annual marathon has just taken place.

The judges have given up keeping a track of who won, as the results go missing each year.

Using the following spectators' notes, can you determine who finished where?

Terry Tipton finished after Lake Limperton and Alex Adams, but before Mason Miller.

Pat Peterson finished before Dale Dartford and Lake Limperton.

Ryan Richards finished after Pat Peterson and before Jesse Jacks and Harper Hall.

Kelly Kirkpatrick finished after Pat Peterson, Mason Miller and Terry Tipton.

Lake Limperton finished after Alex Adams and Dale Dartford, but before Jesse Jacks and Mason Miller.

Mason Miller finished after Ryan Richards and Alex Adams.

Alex Adams finished before Jesse Jacks, Mason Miller and Pat Peterson.

Dale Dartford finished before Kelly Kirkpatrick and Terry Tipton, but after Ryan Richards.

Jesse Jacks finished before Kelly Kirkpatrick, Terry Tipton and Mason Miller, but after Pat Peterson and Dale Dartford.

Harper Hall finished before Mason Miller but after Lake Limperton, Jesse Jacks and Terry Tipton.

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