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Puzzle IconAt the local sports club, some veteran members were photographed together for the annual awards ceremony.

In the photograph, each member has a different coloured T-shirt on.

Obviously, the number of awards each has won over the years counts towards their status within the club, however, it is also significant to let other members know how many relatives of theirs are eligible for membership.

From the information given below, can you determine the positions of the five members in the photograph, their T-shirt colour, their age (40, 48, 60, 65, 74), the number of awards they have won (40, 75, 96, 125, 165) and the number of eligible relatives (5, 9, 30, 46, 60)?

The person who is wearing red, has 25 relatives more than Jeff and is not next to the person wearing blue. Jim is wearing orange and has 40 awards more than John. John has 51 awards more than his age and Jeff has 5 relatives. Jake has 75 awards and is 65 years old. The person on the far right has 37 fewer relatives than John, and is 40 years old. Jack, who is the first, is 60 years old, and has 20 awards fewer than his age. The person who is next to the person who has 46 relatives but not next to the person who is 60 years old, is wearing yellow, and has 96 awards. The person in the centre has 46 relatives, is wearing blue and has 125 awards. The person who is wearing green, has 30 more relatives than the person to the left of him.

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