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Common Answers

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A fractal is a special image that is generated using a very simple mathematical formula. If you take a smaller portion of the image and then magnify it, you find a new image within, which is just as complicated. The image can be magnified millions of times, and in each case, a new image is revealed. Click on an image to see each beautiful fractal in more detail.

Fractal 48 Fractal 47 Fractal 46 Fractal 45
Fractal 44 Fractal 43 Fractal 42 Fractal 41
Fractal 40 Fractal 39 Fractal 38 Fractal 37
Fractal 36 Fractal 35 Fractal 34 Fractal 33
Fractal 32 Fractal 31 Fractal 30 Fractal 29
Fractal 28 Fractal 27 Fractal 26 Fractal 25
Fractal 24 Fractal 23 Fractal 22 Fractal 21
Fractal 20 Fractal 19 Fractal 18 Fractal 17
Fractal 16 Fractal 15 Fractal 14 Fractal 13
Fractal 12 Fractal 11 Fractal 10 Fractal 9
Fractal 8 Fractal 7 Fractal 6 Fractal 5
Fractal 4 Fractal 3 Fractal 2 Fractal 1


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