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Common Answers

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Puzzle #49

Crossword With Numbers 49

A: a multiple of V across.
H: a multiple of R across.
I: third root of D down.
J: a prime number.
K: the digit sum of G down multiplied with a prime number.
L: half the digit sum of L down.
M: this multiple of T across is greater than C down.
N: a multiple of T across.
O: greater than the reverse of T down.
P: a multiple of R across.
Q: another multiple of R across.
R: a divisor of P across.
S: a multiple of J across.
T: the digit sum of R across.
U: a multiple of T across.
V: K across multiplied by the prime number mentioned in the clue for K across.

A: the reverse of N across.
B: a multiple of P across.
C: a palindrome.
D: the third power of I across.
E: not a multiple of the digit sum of V across.
F: a cubic number.
G: the third power of K across.
L: Rainer Typke's year of birth.
N: the difference of the first two digits equals the difference of the last two digits.
O: a multiple of K across.
P: not a multiple of T down.
T: the reverse is less than O across.

  • This puzzle has no answer, which is why it's harder.
  • Used with permission. © Rainer Typke [www.crossnumber.com].


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