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  • BrainBashers Crossworders are kindly provided by Puzzle Baron's Crossworders and are included on BrainBashers with their full knowledge and permission.
  • How many real-world crossword clues can you solve?
  • A crossword clue will appear with a blank grid above it.
  • One new letter of the answer will reveal itself every five seconds until you either solve the puzzle correctly, or the entire answer is revealed.
  • Once the answer is revealed, rate the difficulty of the clue on a scale of 1-5 and you'll be given the opportunity to solve another one.
  • Many of these clues come from American crossword puzzles, so there is a certain amount of cultural bias and the answers use American spelling.
  • Not all answers are single words - some are phrases, some are abbreviations, some are names, etc.


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