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Common Answers

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Site History 2011

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  • The site is regularly updated with puzzles, illusions, games, etc (plus many changes and additions).
  •    Here are some of the larger changes in 2011:
  • Added the Daily Puzzles to the puzzles page.
  • Updated the images in Anagram Alley, Word Wibble and Memory to make it easier to play.
  • Added a small piece of text to the optical illusions to explain what might be seen.
  • Added Word Twist.
  • Separated the games from the puzzles, creating a new website for the games.
  • Added the first QR Hunt.
  • Added the Daily Range puzzles, new logic puzzles.
  • Updated the words in Codewords and Fill-Ins.
  • Added tRace Perfect.
  • Added 1 To 100.
  • BrainBashers was 14 years old this year.
  • Added the Attention Test.
  • Added Word Battle, to find the world's most popular 3-letter word.
  • Added the Daily Slant puzzles, new logic puzzles.



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