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Site History 2005

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January 2005

Started to show how many times each game had been played, and added the ability to view the games in order of popularity. Added the static version of Who Turned To for printing. Added the illusions as thumbnails. Corrected a bug in Nibbly that prevented it from working correctly. Updated the layout of the puzzle selection page to be the same as the games and illusions page. Created a new style for <li> tags. Modified the game system to allow bookmarking of games as they are played. Re-added the ability to skip puzzles.

February 2005

Added the US States game. Added the cryptograms. Added the monthly Droodle contest. Added the mind reading game. Corrected a small problem with the adverts causing the page to scroll horizontally.

March 2005

Added the fun facts. Added the RSS alternate link for Firefox's Live Bookmarks.

April 2005

Added the fun sites section. Removed the alert warning people they were leaving BrainBashers. Re-added the fractal gallery, having gained permission from various sources.

May 2005

Made the stereograms load the same way as the fractals. Added the odd words.

June 2005

The Sudoku puzzles become a Daily Sudoku. Updated the layout of 'Fun Stuff'. Added 'Day Of Week'.

July 2005

No significant changes or additions.

August 2005

Made the Daily Sudoku interactive. Added a static version of the interactive Sudoku. Added medium and hard difficulty Sudoku. Added pencil marks to Sudoku. Added a Sudoku to the Daily Puzzle. Added a game to the Daily Puzzle. Added the Daily Gubbins. Added auto pencil marks to Sudoku. Added the blank Sudoku assistant. Added the ability to import Sudoku. Allowed users to select what is sent in the Daily Gubbins.

September 2005

The site was 8 years old this month.

October 2005

Added Guess The Number.

October 2005

Changed the Sudoku print to be larger. Modified the definition of easy/medium/hard Sudoku.

November 2005

Speeded up the Sudoku assistant.

December 2005

Added Very Easy to Sudoku. Added the requirement to confirm that the terms and conditions have been read when entering a contest. Added the 'Show all squares with a ...' option to Sudoku. Added the 'List Of Numbers'. Added the comprehensive Sudoku help. Added Very Hard to Sudoku. Added the 'Show a pinned square' option to Sudoku.

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