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Site History 2001

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January 2001

Added the story section. Removed the story section, due to bandwidth problems. Optimised a number of images to reduce them in size. Added the link to HosTek, to offset any bandwidth issues. Some of the bandwidth intensive games were removed. Removed all games links from within about.asp. Hangman was re-added, fully written in Java, but loaded from free space to reduce the bandwidth overhead. The entire site was changed to use Cascading Style Sheets to reduce the bandwidth used. All HTML code had to be validated and corrected.

February 2001

Added Wassat?. Re-added the floating gizmo. Made Wassat? weekly instead of fortnightly. Added 1,000 more words to the Hangman system. Re-coded the navigation page to remove the frames in the navigation pane. Reproduced the images used in the main navigation. Continued to reduce the amount of stray HTML to keep the bandwidth down. Re-added Battle Ships, fully rewritten in Java. Corrected a word-search problem that only showed WS1. Removed all onmouseover that showed text in status var. #included the footer. Modified various Select statements to speed them up.

March 2001

#included the title. Corrected a number of areas that caused problems with Netscape 6. Added a counter for 24 hours to track potential adverts. Changed tracker to only count unique people per day, repeat users are not counted. Removed advert counter. Added the site map. Tidied the rings page, only had the 2 main rings. Added the small www.brainbashers.com to the puzzle and optical illusions pages, in case they were printed. Re-created tower and Buggle graphics half of the original byte size. Removed Think Of A Number, because the system used Session variables, it sometimes got the answer wrong. Re-added Think Of A Number with modified code to make it more reliable.

April 2001

Re-added the ability to email a puzzle to a friend, uses HTML email. Added the deep-link puzzle entry. Started the help system. Removed the Command object from the system and tidied the #includes.

May 2001

Corrected a problem with word search and footer2. Changed all reference to the word 'puzzles' to 'teasers', which is well recognised world-wide. Reduced the number of historic Wassat? entries. Added the 1,000th puzzle, a significant milestone.

June 2001

Added the first ???? puzzle. Renamed the Comments section to Feedback. Added Space Invaders, a Java based shoot-em-up. The site achieved Bobby approval, a scheme to encourage sites to become more friendly to disabled users.

July 2001

Added Snake, a Java based mouse-eating game. Added interactive Java based Word Search. Removed BrainTicklers. Tidied the main home page. Removed the postcard page. Fixed problem with friend.asp. Added PipeDream. Modified the games' page to use smaller thumbnails. Removed the completed BBChess game due to lack of time. Replaced all Java to load from BrainBashers space.

August 2001

Added Nibbly, a Java based apple eating game. Made the games' thumbnails much smaller. Added Bridges, a Java based bridge building game. Added the bookmark section. Added Wheresat? a game that you have to guess the country's outline. Corrected a small bug in the style sheet that allowed the mouseover colour to ruin the optical illusions. Added Same Game, a Java based block removal puzzle.

September 2001

The site was 4 years old this month. Re-ordered the games page. Added Javanoid, a Java based Break-out clone. Added the star system to the games. Launched the search for sponsors. Made Wassat? monthly instead of weekly. Corrected remaining mouseover effects. Hostek caught Nimda! Modified the puzzle engine to upload modified puzzles via XML and resequence online. Re-added the ability to vote for puzzles and recreated the Top 10. Added Boulder Dash, a Java based egg collection game. Modified Random Puzzle, each list of puzzles was now truly random.

October 2001

Removed Javanoid as it had stopped working for no obvious reason. Modified the terms and conditions. Added Lunar Lander, a Java based module lander. Re-added Javanoid, now loaded from non-BrainBashers space. Added Shell Game and Crate Man, two Shockwave games. Added Gryzzles, a Java based puzzle game. Added the ability for people to send puzzles directly to us.

November 2001

Added Robix, a Java based marble dropping game. Added Flaps Jr., a Shockwave marble dropping game. Added Who Turned To, a missing person puzzle.

December 2001

Added Zap, a Java based meanie zapping game. Added Jungle Jean, a Shockwave block moving puzzle. Added the 'Updated' mouseover section to home.asp. Checked the awards links to remove old references. Added JMine a Java based version of Mine Sweeper. Added Dog Bones, a Shockwave game.

2015  2014  2013  2012  2011  2010  2009  2008  2007  2006  2005  2004  2003  2002  2001  2000  1999  1998  1997  Design History 



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